Creating financial habits to upgrade your life

Author Jen Sincero talks about her new book “Badass habits: Cultivate the confidence, boundaries, and know-how to upgrade your life."
4:30 | 12/06/21

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Transcript for Creating financial habits to upgrade your life
- It's Money Monday. We love this song too. And with the new year, gosh, less than a month away, now is the perfect time to start making better money moves. Our next guest here is to help with that. She is a success coach, motivational speaker, and a New York Times best selling author, who has spent more than a decade transforming lives and bank accounts. - And check out her newest book. It's called Badass Habits. Cultivate the confidence, boundaries, and know how to upgrade your life. It hits stands tomorrow. So let's please welcome Jen Sincero to the show. It is good to have you here. And now, you're not just preaching to folks here. You have experience with bad habits. What were your bad financial habits that put you in a pretty tough spot? - Well, I was basically living in a garage at the age of 40. And I just pretty much had spent my entire life perfecting the habit of being broke. So I had terrible mindset around it. I hung out with a lot of people who thought money was horrible. I thought I couldn't make it. I mean, you name it, I had it. So if I can turn my life around, anybody can. - That is pretty inspirational. And in this book, you lay out just how you can do that with some daily strategies. So will you walk us through them? - Sure. I think one of the most important tips I've got is to master your mindset. Mindset is everything. So you know, whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. So the first thing you got to do is start surrounding yourself with people who have healthier relationships with money. Read wealth consciousness books. You know, get your thoughts, beliefs, and words in place. Instead of constantly saying it's hard to make money, rich people suck, stuff like that, you're going to want to think about, money, I love money. Money is easy to make. Money is fun to make, things like that. - Now, you say that there's something here, that we consider this so hard. Look, bad habits seem to be easy to pick up. Good habits seem to be hard to develop. But you kind of tell people, it is not as hard as we pretend it is sometimes. What do you mean by that? JEN SINCERO: Yeah. I mean, if you get into overwhelm, you will not do anything. So breaking stuff down into easy bit-sized chunks is so helpful. So instead of being like, I've got to create a website for my new business and going and taking a nap instead of doing it, because it's so overwhelming, break it down into 20 minute sections where you call a photographer. You get your headshots done. You work on some writing. You know, break it down into tasks and chunks that are manageable, or else you won't get anything done. You'll go into paralysis. - And I think it's fair to assume, even if you do have a lot of bad habits, you have to have at least a couple of good habits. And you say one of the other tips is to borrow from your existing good habits. JEN SINCERO: Yeah, it's great, because then it just makes it easy again. So let's say that you have a cup of coffee every morning. I call it mooching off other good habits. So when you have your coffee, make a sales call. Or if you run every morning, run by a house that's big and beautiful that you want to live in so you look at it every day and get excited and keep your focus strong. - That's why I run with Robach here a lot. She takes me through some neighborhoods that have-- I have envy. But one last thing here, have you done the thing yet today, Jen, that scares you? Because you say, every day, people should do something that absolutely scares them. - Well, we were talking about me playing guitar on the air. You were asking me if I was just poser having it in the background to look cool. And so maybe I'll pick up my damn guitar today. That's scary, trust me. - And I'm curious, Jen. You talked about being 40 living in a garage and being surrounded by people who you know weren't helping you with goals that you could have, should have. How long did it take you to get to where you are now? People want to know how soon can it happen? How quickly can it happen? - You know, it can happen overnight, or it can take a long time. I mean, I had some breakthroughs that literally transformed instantly, where I tripled my income in three months by doing terrifying things every single day. And then some other things were more long term. But it really, it can happen overnight. It can take a long time. There is no prescribed amount of time. - Jen, it is so good to have you on. We're not going to put the pressure on you to play that guitar now. But send us a video later of that scary thing. But Jen Sincero, thank you so much. And we'll see you down the road, OK? - Great, thank you so much. This was fun. - And folks, you can get the book. It's called Badass Habits. You can get it wherever books are sold starting tomorrow. - Do you know how excited TJ was about reading the name of this book? - Why do you have to reveal all these things to people? They don't let me do much here, Robes.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Author Jen Sincero talks about her new book “Badass habits: Cultivate the confidence, boundaries, and know-how to upgrade your life.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"81585351","title":"Creating financial habits to upgrade your life ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/creating-financial-habits-upgrade-life-81585351"}