1 couple's infertility journey

The story of heartbreak and hope from a couple with remarkable perseverance and a dream of having a baby.
5:04 | 01/13/22

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Transcript for 1 couple's infertility journey
- I want to turn now to a couple with remarkable perseverance. We've been following Lauren and EJ Wynn and their dream of having a baby. - That's right. Their story went viral after EJ sold his sneaker collection to finance fertility treatments. Their story of heartbreak and hope from ABC'S Alex Presha. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): Lauren and EJ Wynn have always prayed for a child. But the road to parenthood has not been easy. - It's everything we have wanted for before we even got married. - The journey has been a little rough for us. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): Rough and painful. They've tried for more than half a decade, facing eight miscarriages and two failed intrauterine insemination, a medical procedure where sperm is placed directly into the uterus. - When we had our first loss, I felt very alone. There's been times where I've just sat there and cried. I was like, I can't do this anymore. I can't do another injection. I can't put us through another loss, like I just can't. And then you blame yourself because you're like, OK, what's wrong with my body. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): They started looking into in-vitro fertilization, or IVF, to help them get pregnant. This is a series of procedures that requires mature eggs to be removed and fertilized by sperm. The embryo is then transferred back into the womb. - So here is our perfect embryo. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): It's a treatment with a hefty price tag. One cycle of IVF can cost an average of $12,000 to $17,000. In many cases, the process isn't fully covered by insurance. - A lot of people think, hey, let's do IVF. We're going to bring home a baby. It doesn't even guarantee you an embryo. So that, mentally, is very, very hard. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): EJ got creative and helped fund their IVF selling sneakers, dozens from his highly prized collection. - The sneaker community was like, man, you selling your whole collection? Having a child was way more important than any shoe. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): That meant the world to Lauren. It also got the attention of the sneaker community online and others who empathized. Donations poured in, more than $12,000 on GoFundMe. But the Wynns also broke the ice on a taboo topic. - You realize, like, how many people in the sneaker community were going through it also. - I didn't realize how many guys online would call me and ask me for advice. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): And then finally this fall, something to cheer for. - It's positive. I am pregnant, and just praying that this is the one. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): We were there when Lauren told EJ. - Oh, wow. - We're pregnant, honey. - Oh good. God, man. - We're pregnant. - Congratulations, man. - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. - Thank you, guys, for letting us be a part of this moment. - No, thank you all. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): Next, the calls to the family. - Oh she's pregnant. WOMAN (ON PHONE): You be messing with my emotions. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): They've gotten these phone calls before. The prayer is that this time things go differently. - You lose that, that joy. You hear miscarriages, but you don't think, oh, it'll happen to me. And then when it does. And then you get pregnant again. And it happens again and again and again. You're happy to find a positive test. But you're heartbroken at the same time because you don't know what will happen. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): But Lauren and EJ are staying the course, praying for their miracle baby. - I've had over 600 injections, 11 surgeries. I've taken over 1400 pills, just since I was pregnant, this last, this pregnancy. I've had my blood drawn over 60 times, so it's been a lot. And then every week, I'd go in for an IVIg infusion. And it's either about a four-hour infusion or close to about a 7, 7 1/2-hour infusion that we do every week, and we'll continue doing that until I deliver the baby. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): In the past, their miscarriages usually come around the six week mark. But this time-- - A heartbeat right there. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): The first heartbeat. - There's a yolk sac. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): From ultrasounds to her growing baby bump, each moment feels like a milestone. [CRACKER POPPING] [LAUGHTER] Lauren and EJ'S gender reveal. They're expecting a baby boy. - To finally get where we're, you know, where we're at now, it's been amazing. - Yes, it's been a miracle. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): They still have months to go. But the Wynns have faith, really, they always have. - I have a bump, like, you know. It's crazy. ALEX PRESHA (VOICEOVER): Now, that hope's being passed along. EJ and Lauren's openness has inspired so many couples facing the same struggle. Their perseverance, charting a path for other families' journeys. Alex Presha, ABC News, Washington. - We are so, so happy for them. And congratulations. Alex, also want to thank him, too, for the story. - Those are journeys. We've been sharing some of these stories about infertility, and how it should be treated, how we should view it. And those journeys those families go through are unbelievable, so thanks to them for sharing their story, - And we want to let you know, there is a lot more at GoodMorningAmerica.com. And of course, we're going to continue to follow them, as their journey continues.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"The story of heartbreak and hope from a couple with remarkable perseverance and a dream of having a baby. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"82249802","title":"1 couple's infertility journey ","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/couples-infertility-journey-82249802"}