New children’s book celebrates adoption

Kindness, forever families and adoption are celebrated in a new children’s book, “Love Rules.”
2:08 | 05/20/22

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Transcript for New children’s book celebrates adoption
- Wrapping up our week-long series on National Foster Care Month, highlighting issues facing so many young people in the system. On average, children entering foster care remain there for over a year and a half, with 5% languishing in foster care for five or more years. One family has portrayed their personal experience in a new picture book. Take a look. ANDREA MELVIN: Life before Michael-- we had just moved to the United States, and there was lots of transition in our lives. - My first memory of Michael was actually at the airport. There were so many emotions going through my head, like sort of this realization that I was going to be a dad very, very soon. ANDREA MELVIN: I had picked him up at our agency. We got into the car and we headed home, and I remember we went-- we made something, didn't we? - We made mac and cheese. DAVE EATON: The experience with foster care is just-- it's unpredictable. Grand Rapids is a pretty extensive training program and especially for people who are not parents themselves at that point, it's very, very helpful. ANDREA MELVIN: There wasn't that many places for us to turn to learn about just everyday people's experience as foster care parents, so I would say, that's one of the reasons why we wrote this book. DAVE EATON: We would go to the library and look for books about families like ours, and there just wasn't a ton out there that reflected our experience. MICHAEL CLARK JR: My favorite part of the book was the camping trip. I got to spend time with my dad. DAVE EATON: I know for us as parents, part of the reason why we wanted to start the story before the adoption hearing is just to give people maybe a better sense of being in the foster system and showing that side to it. MICHAEL CLARK JR: The day I got adopted my parents take care of me. DAVE EATON: There's so many new things that you're learning every day, so many decisions you're making on a regular basis. ANDREA MELVIN: Looking to the foster care system as an option, I think-- MICHAEL CLARK JR: Yeah. ANDREA MELVIN: it's really important when there's lots of kids that need temporary housing. Then there's also lots of kids that later need to be adopted. - And you can pick up a copy of Love Rules June 7 everywhere books are sold.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"Kindness, forever families and adoption are celebrated in a new children’s book, “Love Rules.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"84859343","title":"New children’s book celebrates adoption","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/childrens-book-celebrates-adoption-84859343"}