Acclaimed actor dishes on role in Broadway play

Actor Joshua Malina joins "GMA3" to talk about his role in the Broadway play "Leopoldstadt," which is running at the Longacre Theater through July 2.
3:08 | 03/27/23

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Transcript for Acclaimed actor dishes on role in Broadway play
- We are spotting-- shining a spotlight on Broadway today with the thought-provoking drama Leopoldstadt. The play follows a Jewish family in Vienna over 50 years of pivotal historical moments. CO-HOST 1: It was named the Best Theater of 2022 by The New York Times. And our next guest is at the center of it all. Please welcome Joshua Malina to the show. [APPLAUSE] - Yes. Look at that, a whole round of applause for you. - Thank you for having me, and thank you for teaching me what to do about my taxes and my urinary tract. - Oh, wow. - This has been a very educational episode. CO-HOST 2: He was watching the entire show. - Of course. - Come back tomorrow. - Yeah. - I'm an avid fan. - Yes, this is a holistic approach to our guests. - Yeah. - We want to make sure you leave here totally fulfilled. JOSHUA MALINA: We can talk about anything. - OK, great. - All questions on the table. - So this play is really incredible, but it does cover decades of history in two hours. I mean, how do you narrow that down? - It is incredible. It's an amazing piece of writing. It covers the fates and the loves and the relationships and the celebrations and the times of a large intermarried, which is to say interfaith, Viennese family from 1899 to 1955. Stoppard is a-- Tom Stoppard, amazing writer. And it's quite a feat. CO-HOST 1: And even though it took place in the past, there are so many timely issues, obviously-- antisemitism, prejudice. What was that like being, you know, as an actor in the center of that but also kind of splitting up your personal and your professional insights on the stage? JOSHUA MALINA: That's a great question. Well, as a Jewish actor, it's very meaningful for me to be in this play that talks about or deals with themes of family, identity, and faith, and being aware-- trying to be aware of where you are in the course of history. It's easy to watch the play as an audience member knowing where things are headed, probably, for this Jewish or intermarried family. But hopefully, people walk out thinking, maybe I should question where I am right now and how secure I feel in my life because, as we know, antisemitism and racism are rife and still with us. CO-HOST 2: So important, yeah. And it's really surprising because I feel like everyone knows you from the screens. We've been-- - Yeah. - --watching you for years and years. - Recognizable man in here. - But this is-- like, on Broadway, this is only your second show. And it's been 34 years. - That is true. My aim is to do one every 34 years. [LAUGHTER] Should I live to 91, I will come back and plug my third Broadway show. CO-HOST 2: Any nice memories from that time, though? That was, what, A Few Good Men, right? - I grew up in the suburbs of New York, in New Rochelle, as a kid going to tons of theater. And my dream was to be on Broadway. And at 23, I had the good fortune to meet Aaron Sorkin, who kind of shoved me into his show, A Few Good Men. And I was living the dream. And I feel the same way now at 57-- CO-HOST 1: Wow. - --as I go towards the theater. CO-HOST 2: For sure. - I can't believe I get to do this every day. CO-HOST 2: Well, listen. Right now, you're in an ABC studio. And we all watched you on ABC on Scandal. - We did. - Yes. - Do you miss Scandal? - Yes. Every time I get my theater paycheck, I go-- [LAUGHTER] --I really miss TV. - I mean-- - But only then. Otherwise, I love doing the work. - But that's how we knew love what you're doing, right? And you're from New York. You're back. What does it feel like? - This is the dream. This truly is the dream. This is like a pinch-me job. - Joshua, thank you so much for being here. - Thank you for having me. - Of course, you can catch Leopoldstadt at the Longacre Theatre on Broadway now through July 2. So thank you, sir. - Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Actor Joshua Malina joins \"GMA3\" to talk about his role in the Broadway play \"Leopoldstadt,\" which is running at the Longacre Theater through July 2. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"98153157","title":"Acclaimed actor dishes on role in Broadway play","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/acclaimed-actor-dishes-role-broadway-play-98153157"}