Shop your fridge: scallion root fried rice and vegan mac

Meal prep made easy with chef and owner of Fat Choy, Justin Lee.
3:29 | 05/21/22

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shop your fridge: scallion root fried rice and vegan mac
- Now to "Meal Prep Made Easy" with simple ways to shop your fridge. This morning, it's all about scrumptious and sustainable dishes. And joining us now is chef and owner of Fat Choy, Justin Lee. Justin, good morning to you. It's great to have you. - Morning. How's it going? - It's very good. OK, so we're starting with fried rice here. Of course, it's a staple across Asia. Talk to us about the cultural significance and also what makes the recipe today unique. - Yeah, I mean, so it's-- fried rice is ubiquitous on all of those restaurants-- Chinese-American restaurant menus. So for me, I always connect with my cultural heritage through food. It's so cool to see that fried rice is almost as American as like hot dogs and hamburgers these days. It just shows that there's ways to share and appreciate culture through food. And who doesn't love fried rice? - Of course. And we're looking at it. We got some fun ingredients at the table here. - Oh, yeah. - So how do we get started with this one today? - So the thing that makes this one really unique is our utilization of some food scraps. This actually comes from my father. It's timely because his birthday is on Monday. If you guys don't mind, would you-- WHIT JOHNSON: Happy birthday! JUSTIN CHOY: Happy birthday, Dad. Love you. Happy birthday, Dad. So he always taught us to not waste food. And at the restaurant, we were just finding that we kept taking trips to the compost center for ginger scraps, scallion root ends. If you-- WHIT JOHNSON: Yeah. JUSTIN CHOY: --will grab one of these scallions for me. - You got it, OK. - Yeah, I'm curious how you use that-- - Yes, exactly. - --because nobody normally eats that. - So this part, we're using, right, always? But this little guy right here always gets thrown away. - Mhm. - And like I said, I got tired of biking it over to the compost center-- - Biking. [LAUGHS] - --every week. So we developed a technique of salting them with the skins. It kind of helps to break them down a little bit, make them a little bit softer. We cover them with oil and then cook them gently. So once they're soft, we just kind of puree them into this paste over here. WHIT JOHNSON: OK. EVA PILGRIM: Oh. - And, Eva, if you-- - Yeah. - Will you help us? - Yeah, totally. - So we add that into the rice. Normally, we'd glove up and use our hands. I don't know if you wanna get your hands dirty. Yeah, I think that's probably better, right? Yeah. [LAUGHS] So that helps to kind of marinate the rice. It gives it some more flavor. This is a great-- fried rice in general is a wonderful thing to help kind of clean out the kitchen. If you have all these leftovers that you accumulate throughout the week, just everybody in the pot, you know. Today, we have frozen peas, some onions. I really love the iceberg lettuce. It gives it a nice crunch. - Frying rice is the best way at our house to get vegetables in the kids. Also, another way-- mac and cheese. You've got delicious-looking mac-- I tasted it. It's delicious. But how do you sneak in secret vegetables? - Yes, OK, so the-- it's funny that you say kids. My wife tends to eat kind of like a child. So we-- - Are you allowed to say that on TV? - No shade, but we're trying-- we try to get some vegetables into our diet through mac and cheese. - Mhm. JUSTIN CHOY: And we use vegetable scraps, like the ones you see here. Carrots are really great. So are red peppers, yellow peppers. They kind of help trick the mind so it feels more like mac and cheese. - How do you get it into the cheese? Real quick. - Equal parts of this, the veg scraps, water-- turn it into this kind of puree. - Yeah. - And then we add the cheese. It turns into this. - Genius. - Excellent. And it-- - You can't even see it. - --helps to make it nice and creamy. - Hidden. I'm stealing this. - It's literally delicious. - Well, thank you so much for coming in. We appreciate you. We got some stuff to snack on right here.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Meal prep made easy with chef and owner of Fat Choy, Justin Lee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"84880072","title":"Shop your fridge: scallion root fried rice and vegan mac","url":"/GMA/Food/video/shop-fridge-scallion-root-fried-rice-vegan-mac-84880072"}