Shop the best kitchen gear for a healthy start to 2023

Anthony Underwood of the "What's 4 Dinner?" newsletter shares top picks for an air fryer, electric tea kettle, cookware and a blender.
4:08 | 01/03/23

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Transcript for Shop the best kitchen gear for a healthy start to 2023
- Pop and lock it. We're back with the right stuff, highlighting the best buys on things your shopping for this morning. We are recommending items that can help make your kitchen better than ever this new year with kitchen expert and co-author of the free weekly newsletter called What's For Dinner, Anthony Underwood. You're always a part of our GMA family. A former producer. He's still producing. To shop these brands, scan the QR code on the screen. My friend, it is so good to see you. - Happy new year. - Happy new year. All right, air fryers are huge. - All right, air fryers are huge, and this is not your normal air fryer. This is the Ninja Speedi Rapid Cooker and Air Fryer. And, sure, you can do like 2 pounds of French fries to crispy deliciousness if you want. - OK. - But what it has is a rapid cooking system, so it infuses steam as it's air-frying, and that allows you to create complete meals. So we're talking, like, chicken, brussel sprouts, and rice if you want. All in one pot for a family of four. It's got a 6-quart capacity. You just go online. They've got an online tool. It's the Speedi Meal Builder, and you choose all the ingredients that you have in your house. They spit out a recipe. You plug it in. You do it. Flip the switch. You get your time back. - That's it? Oh gosh. - Yeah, it's great. - It's very simple. - It's fantastic. - OK, you're talking about a pot. - This is $199. - $199, OK. I was surprised teapots, top trender in December for kitchenware. But you have an electric one here. - Yes, so I've seen electric tea kettles that are like $350 for, like, serious coffee people. This one is more user-friendly. It is the $35 Black and Decker electric tea kettle. It's cordless, so it's great. You can take it to the table. And it boils water two times faster than on the stovetop. - Wow. - That's great. You're saving time. It's great for, obviously, tea, but also things like oatmeal, ramen, instant soups, blanching vegetables for all your healthy New Year's resolution salads. It's a great-- - How about? How much? - $35. - OK, not bad at all. - $35. - OK, now, nonstick. - Nonstick cookware. - It can get a little costly. - It's so expensive, and the different options are dizzying. So this one is a T-Fal Easy Care 20-piece nonstick cookware set. It's 20 pieces. - Right. - This is only $89.99 for all of this. - All of it? - Which is crazy. They even throw in the utensils. You get a griddle plate, so you can make some grilled cheeses, et cetera. And look at that adorable little one egg little mini pan. Who doesn't want to use that? They've got tempered glass lids, and they've got the T-Fal signature thermo spot. So you put your pan on the heat to preheat, and that'll turn bright red when it's ready to add your food. - So you know. I like that. - It's user-friendly. - OK. - $89. - So that's a big deal. - That's great. - A blender is always very popular, but it takes up so much counter space. You got an idea? - This is the Blend Jet 2 Portable Blender. Now you may be asking, why do I need a portable blender, Anthony? - Why do I need a portable blender, Anthony? - I'll tell you, Robin, because you can load this up, go to the gym, do your workout, skip the $15 smoothie bar smoothie at the-- - True. True. - And blend it up on your way home or on your way to work. It's great. - And it's strong enough to do that? - It is. It's really powerful. It's small, but mighty. It can cut through ice cubes, frozen fruit, even tough greens like kale, that sort of thing. They come in a variety of colors, and this is $50. - That's it? All right. - Yeah. - Thank you, Anthony. - Thank you. - Don't let the frame fool you. We'll have more of the right stuff recommendations all week to help you start the new year better than ever, including lip care. We got face cleansers. We've got pillows. And be sure to subscribe to our dear friend Anthony's free-- did we mention it's free? What For Dinner, just don't dance again. It's a newsletter. We have a link for that on our website.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Anthony Underwood of the \"What's 4 Dinner?\" newsletter shares top picks for an air fryer, electric tea kettle, cookware and a blender.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"96108734","title":"Shop the best kitchen gear for a healthy start to 2023","url":"/GMA/Food/video/shop-best-kitchen-gear-healthy-start-2023-96108734"}