How to serve up the shaved egg trend taking over TikTok

Chef and cookbook author Jason Goldstein joins us with some tips and tricks on that viral TikTok grated eggs trend.
3:36 | 09/03/22

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Transcript for How to serve up the shaved egg trend taking over TikTok
- Now to "Grate Egg-spectations," serving up the shaved egg trend that's taking over TikTok. And joining us a chef, and cookbook and TikTok sensation, author Jason Goldsby. I know you've got a video that's gone viral on TikTok. You do. I saw it. OK, so let's jump in to grate an egg. It obviously has to be hard boiled. - Yes. Yes. Yes. All right, so hard boiled eggs, super easy. It's all about timing. So first thing you want to do is put the egg in the water, and turn the heat up to high. So the reason is you want the egg and the water to heat up together so you get an evenly cooked egg. And then you set your timer when you hear the boil for eight minutes. After the eight minutes, right into an ice bath, five minutes. This shocks the egg to stop it from cooking. And also, it separates the membrane of the egg, so it makes it easy to peel. - OK. Good to know. Of course, then we do have to peel it. Any tricks there to make it a little simpler? - Yes. Yes. I got two hacks for you, and one involves exercise. So first one, the science of the egg. There is a top to the egg and a bottom of the egg. And the bottom of the egg actually has an air pocket in it. So you can tap it just like that, and then you hear the crackling sounds of the egg symphony. And then the first one, you just actually use the ice bath for this. And you just peel it under the ice. And what it does, is it easily separates the shell from the egg. And then my second one, which is going to be really fun. So I'll give you one of these. - OK. Right here. - I'll give you one of these. So let's take it, right there. And then what you do is just shake it. So you're going to-- - Just let 'er rip? - --just shake it. Yeah, just shake it lightly. - Don't you-- - Just like that. - Oh, you said lightly. - Yeah, lightly. Yeah. And then when you shake it, yeah, it's exercise. You don't need a gym membership anymore. - That's right, a little Shake Weight. - And then if you look after about a minute, it's egg magic. The shell comes-- [INTERPOSING VOICES] - I split mine in half. - Well, that's OK. - OK, good. Yeah, I'm there already. - And literally, that is it. And those are our two hacks. - OK. So, seeing these egg grating recipes all over TikTok, you have two of them here for us. You're gonna do the finishing touches, but talk us through it. - OK, so you're going to pick up your grater and your egg, and this is going to be so fun we're going to make egg snow. [INTERPOSING VOICES] - You ready? Just go really lightly. It's raining egg as the weather report here in New York City. And then, look how cute that is. And then I made two toasts that can go on it. So I made a toast with-- here, ready? Go like this. Just like that into it. Good. There you go. So you got it. And one is going to be a lox on an avocado toast. And then you just eat it too, in the middle, because that's awesome. And then the second one is my favorite. Bacon is my favorite vegetable. So we're going to put-- we're going to put bacon with the toast, and some mayo and Dijon to schmear it together. - And we've got a TikTok hack for this bacon situation? - Yes. OK. So, if you want to impress someone, this is amazing. So this bacon hack, you just take bacon and put it in a cold pan. Put water on top of the bacon. You put it to a boil. After the water evaporates, you're going to fry it like normal. And what this does is it slowly cooks the bacon, and slowly renders the fat. It tastes like New York City bacon. It is going to be, like, juicy and crispy. - Yeah. Perfect bacon. - Eva, you said the science checks out. - Well, because the water disperses the heat, so you can't overcook it. You know your pans aren't always 100% even. - Yeah. Yeah. And it doesn't make a mess in the kitchen. - Yeah. No smoking, no any of that stuff. - Tell us more about the chemistry. [LAUGHTER] - I need to understand why this works. - We love it. Jason, thank you so much. And you can scan the QR code on your screen to get these recipes, or head to

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Chef and cookbook author Jason Goldstein joins us with some tips and tricks on that viral TikTok grated eggs trend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"89270262","title":"How to serve up the shaved egg trend taking over TikTok","url":"/GMA/Food/video/serve-shaved-egg-trend-taking-tiktok-89270262"}