Make smoked sweet potato cheesecake and Jamaican rum bread pudding

“EGGin'” cookbook author and chef David Rose shares the two delicious dessert recipes that are perfect for the holiday season.
4:02 | 12/08/21

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Transcript for Make smoked sweet potato cheesecake and Jamaican rum bread pudding
[MUSIC PLAYING - "ROCKIN' AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE"] - Countdown to Christmas. Chef David Rose joins us with delicious holiday desserts from a new book. It's called EGGin'. I love the title. And David, it's so good to see you. DAVID ROSE: Pleasure to see you, as well. Pleasure to be back in the studio. Audience, I'm here. - So I want to talk to you first about the book. EGGin' refers to an outdoor ceramic cooker, a grill. In your case, the green bag. - Yes, you're hanging out. You're drinking. You're eating. You're relaxing. Cooking on the big green egg. You're egging. Casual way of approaching grilling and cooking. - And most people think steak or meat. You're saying, no, let's go dessert. - Everything; soups, salads, entrees, smoked cocktails, and desserts. Literally your entire meal on the egg. - I love the EGGin' So David, let's talk desserts, my favorite topic-- - Mine, too. - --frankly. And this is a combination of two of your favorite things. - Yes. This is right here, it's a pecan-- sorry-- it's sweet potato pie and cheesecake had a baby. This is what you have right here. Smoke sweet potato cheesecake, the best of both worlds. And also pecan pie, as well, is good. But this here is fantastic. And the great thing about this recipe is that there is a natural sweetness, a natural savoriness, in those sweet potatoes. - And health benefits, too. - And health benefits, exactly. So in here-- Yeah. So you have the sweet potatoes in there. You have cream cheese for the cream cheesecake. You have eggs. You have a little bit of heavy cream, right. - Yes, please. - You know, vanilla bean is sensational because it has that naturally sweet flavor but no sugar, add that. A little bit of condensed milk, right. And you let that go in there like so. - And we had a very lengthy discussion during the commercial break, graham cracker versus Nilla Wafer. You actually are throwing a third choice into the mix. - Yes we are. - As a pie crust, you're saying go gingersnap. - Gingersnap cookies. Oh snap. Oh snap for the gingersnap. HOST: OK. - You know. And it kind of really just drive home all those flavors of the sweet potato, the cream cheese in there, the vanilla. All of that just makes it really, really sensational. - And in the world of getting to our second recipe-- - Yes, that goes in there. - This is TV magic, how long do we bake this? - Voila. That right there, you want to hang out for about 45 minutes to an hour in the big green egg, your grill, or even the oven, as well. You can do that. And it's dreamy, it's creamy, it's luscious, it's savory. - And if it wasn't creamy enough. - Go on and put some whipped cream on there. - And this is-- - You know? - This is-- DAVID ROSE: Go on, put the whipped cream on there. That's the icing right there. You got to have that. You know, if it's not delicious enough, even more you're adding that whipped cream. - May I? - Take a bite. Yes, you may. - So I think this is a pie. - Can I feed you, though? - No, no. - OK. [LAUGHS] - All good. All good. - All right. Enjoy. OK. - This is your take on bread pudding? - Yes. Bread pudding right here. - A little flair. - Yes. So I am Jamaican. Jamaicans love food, Jamaicans love rum. So today we have a Jamaican rum raisin bread pudding. - Hold on. Not just Jamaicans love rum. - Everybody loves rum. Everybody loves rum. But Jamaicans have a special affinity for rum in our hearts. So this right here essentially is-- what we do is we poached these raisins right here in rum. And then reserve that rum, caramel, reduce that to this nice and syrupy. And here we have white bread. White bread is readily available. We can use brioche, you can use croissants, you can use sourdough, all of that. HOST: Cut it up into cubes. - We add that in there right there. Into cubes. You got eggs, you got cinnamon, you got vanilla, you got heavy cream in there, as well. A little bit of brown sugar nice bittersweetness. HOST: It's the holidays. Have some heavy cream. - We're not counting calories. January 1st, you make your resolution. And then you jump right back into it. - One piece of each, not a problem. HOST: One piece of each. You know maybe share a piece. You put that custard on that. - I'm a huge fan of cooking in a skillet. You've got two here. You butter your skillet? - Yes. If you're in the south, you're not doing it right without cast iron. You butter that. You got that nice crispy edge. And everybody likes the crispy edge. Yes. HOST: They sure do, David. - And then what you do right here, count it down. 3, 2, 1 that rum caramel right there. You got to sop up all that flavor. HOST: Guys, it's all in David's new book. It's called EGGin'. It's also on our website, both of these recipes. So much fun working with you as always. The book comes out December 21st. - Yes ma'am.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"“EGGin'” cookbook author and chef David Rose shares the two delicious dessert recipes that are perfect for the holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"81619518","title":"Make smoked sweet potato cheesecake and Jamaican rum bread pudding","url":"/GMA/Food/video/make-smoked-sweet-potato-cheesecake-jamaican-rum-bread-81619518"}