How to make crispy, sweet and spicy brussels sprouts

Chefs Melba Wilson, Lorena Garcia and Ryan Scott join “GMA” to answer last-minute questions and share simple Thanksgiving recipes.
8:27 | 11/25/21

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Transcript for How to make crispy, sweet and spicy brussels sprouts
All right. We are on fire. We're back now on GMA with our team of Thanksgiving experts. We have owner of Melba's restaurant, here in Harlem chef Melba Wilson, Lorena Garcia, chef and partner of CHICA Miami, Las Vegas, and Aspen, and Chef Ryan Scott from Ryan Scott 2 Go Catering. They are ready to answer more of your questions. We're going to go straight to the headquarter board. And we have reached the time in the morning when we were doing away with the siren. [TURKEY GOBBLE] We now have a turkey gobble. Ryan you are up, I believe. No I'm sorry, we're going to Lorena first. Ready? It was the gobble gobble that threw everything off. Gobble gobble totally threw me. OK, Nicole on Facebook is wondering what is the best way to make Brussels sprouts tender and crispy? I know you have an answer. I'm all about crispiness. OK, so the first thing you're going to do, is you're going to take your Brussels sprouts and you're going to cut them in half, OK? We're going to make a pork belly with a little bit macadamia and lemon zest crispy Brussels sprouts. So first thing, let the fire do its job. It's super important that you put a little bit of butter, a little bit of olive oil. Put the Brussels sprouts and let it be until they're nice and crispy. Now, once they're all nice and crispy you're going to add the bacon, or what I like, pork belly. A little bit of macadamia nuts. Right? It's going to give it a sense-- and then also a little bit of lemon zest. You can finish it off, I love it with a little bit of honey. If you have a chili, if you like that little spiciness and a little bit of sweetness. We do. Just like that. And let me tell you, crispy, sweet, spicy, all the notes. But I also have another recipe that is super, super delicious. Check it out. A little bit of butter and garlic, then you're going to add a spinach and artichoke [? baby. ?] Though you can also use it as a side you want to put in the artichoke. Look at that. Look at that smell. It smells so good in here. You also can use packed frozen spinach. They actually have less moisture, which is what you want to do is take all the moisture out. And then we're going to go with the cheeses. You know that I'm a Latina, I love cheese. So we're going to have a little bit of cream cheese. We're going to have a little bit of mozzarella cheese. How's it going? And a little bit of Parmesan cheese. Parmesan for the win. Mix it all in. Of course, you always can adjust with a little bit of crema, never too much for Thanksgiving. And do you want to mix all this in until it's nice and combined. You can do two things. You can put it in a baking dish, or you can leave it in your saute pan, finish it off with a little bit of more Parmesan cheese. 350 degrees. With authority. Yes, Lorena. Look at this. I want to show you how delicious. I'm going to dive into that later. Crema with spinach. I just want that right now. Ok, that's great. I'm going to-- I'll come back to you later, don't you worry. Lorena, fantastic. All right where's our gobble gobble? There we go. We got it. Let's go to the board and see who's up next. All right, it is Ryan. OK Ryan, we've got a unique dessert conundrum. We don't use that word very often here on GMA. For you, this is from Jordan. Take a look. All right, Jordan. [CLAPS] I like to use my Instant Pot for all types of cooking. Is there a good dessert recipe that I could whip up? Wow. He's got a lot of Instant Pots there. Yes, yes he does. All right. Of course. I got something super easy for you. One of my favorite things is butterscotch. So, we're going to take a-- here we go, Cecilia. A little bit of cream just goes right over the top of butterscotch. So here's the deal. Chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, peanut butter chips, whatever it is, one trick you want to do, make sure that the liquid comes up to the heat. It comes up to a boil. Then you've got to kind of let this sit for like two or three minutes. If it's 12 o'clock, have a glass of wine, you're good to go. Come back to it, then you're going to add a little bit of vanilla and a little bit of salt goes inside here. Salt in pastries just take them way over the top. It's the equalizer when it comes all together. Then all you do, is you stirry, stirry. This comes together. And then you temper in some eggs. This is how you make that pudding, that custard. You can't just dump it all together, because otherwise it's going to look like oatmeal, and then tag these chefs. Don't tag me what it looks like. OK, then what you do, is you take the lid off this guy and you put it in the Instant Pot and you try-- if you have big fat hands like I do. And then it takes 20 minutes. It cooks, it's done. Cecilia come over here and look. Then you can-- oh, oh. You had me at butterscotch. All right, watch girl. All you got to do is just eat it. Just eat it, and you can layer it up and do it. Don't forget, guys, one more dish. Take that leftover pumpkin, canned pumpkin, or pumpkin pie slice, and make my pancakes. And a little bit of apples in a can, and you're done in the sauce on the top. And then what you do is you give one to Melba, because she has been staring at me all morning. She's counting the clock on you, I know. OK you guys, I think we're going to we may or may not have a siren or a gobble or something. Oh! Melba, you are going to bring it home from the headquarter board. I'm sorry, I'm over here eating my-- That's OK. You can do both at the same time. OK great. Got a question for you. Kara on Instagram, she's asking it's a question so many of us have every year. What is the difference between wet and dry brine? Is there a preferred method? Oh so it is all about the turkey on Thanksgiving. There's sides, there's desserts, but the turkey is the star of the show. So, let's say that you don't want to do a wet brine. A wet brine is going to be overnight. It's going to take two to three days. You can also do a dry brine. Which I personally love a dry brine, OK? First thing we're going to do, paper towels. Pat that little girl dry. Or a little boy. It has to be dry, right? There we go. If you have time, put it in the fridge for about two or three hours, OK? And then take your ingredients. We have rosemary. Can you say rosemary? Yes, we have thyme. We have oregano, yes. And we have kosher salt. Kosher salt. Got to have the salt in the dry brine. Oh, yeah. So, the kosher salt is going to break down the protein. Sure, you put a sugar in a wet brine, on this one, no. No. No sugar on a dry brine. Put it on and leave it on for how long? Put it on here. We're going to take it. It's already mixed up here. We're running out of time. Put it in this baby. And you're going to leave it on for a couple of hours. Put it in the oven and-- Cook your turkey! Don't forget to [INTERPOSING VOICES] There we go. Thank you guys. Everybody, all these recipes on And welcome back, our chefs have been hard at work all morning long here. Before we go, they've got some final last-minute hacks, so let's get to Melba first. What are your best kitchen tricks for today? It's all about gravy. Gravy? Gravy hides a multitude of faults. OK, so we're going to start with some drippings from the turkey, all right? So we're going to put that on the side. Butter, melt your butter. We're going to add in some flour. Let this bad boy brown, OK? Put a little time in there, right? Just throw it all in there. Beautiful. Beautiful. And then we're going to add some stock. Stock, yeah. There we go. There we go. Add the stock. Stock it up. Stock it up, baby. And you're going to whisk it. Put the drippings in there. Here come the drippings. Here come the drippings. A little bit of salt. And what? Fresh parsley, baby. Fresh parsley. Parsley for the smiles. Look at that color. Beautiful. So now if you come over to our dessert table, or the sweet table, Ryan, what are your tricks for dessert? Thanks, honey. All right so here's the jimmy jam. At the store right now, nobody can go get brown sugar, but you can make brown sugar real quick if you just have granulated granulated sugar. Watch. A little bit of molasses, to one cup, you put 1 teaspoon of molasses, and watch this. Ready, Cecelia? Watch. Ready girl? Watch this. No, no, no, not butter. Not butter, not cream. You just made brown sugar. I did not know that. Brown sugar. If you want extra dark brown sugar, you just add another teaspoon. And also, if you want half and half that you're missing in your fridge for the holidays, you actually, I know this sounds really weird, a little bit of milk and a little bit of cream, and you have half and half. Done. Look at that. Boom. You don't even have go to the store. Lorena, you're going to back, clean up what you got? Here, that's for your coffee. Thank you. If you want to peel your garlic super fast, cut the head of the garlic, put it in the microwave for 15 seconds, and then you're just going to squeeze the garlic, and the cloves are going to come right out. Gorgeous. The second one, if you want to take your flavor of the hands of the garlic, a little bit of water and with a metal spoon. Love it, perfect. All clean. Thank you all of course you can get these recipes on our website.

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