Jocelyn Delk Adams makes cereal-crusted buffalo chicken tenders

The TV host and chef also shows us her salted caramel chocolate chip cookies and talks about her new cookbook, "Everyday Grand."
4:07 | 03/17/23

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Transcript for Jocelyn Delk Adams makes cereal-crusted buffalo chicken tenders
- I am here now with TV host and Chef Jocelyn Delk Adams. She brought us some delicious recipes, which are great for celebrating life's big and small moments for the home cook. And it's all from her new cookbook, Everyday Grand. And you say in this cookbook, you should celebrate-- every day deserves to be celebrated. - Every day. - So how do you celebrate that through food and through your meals? - Well, think about it. Everything in our lives that we talk about and, like, we experience, food is that major connector, OK, those special moments in our life. And I don't want to just bring joy back into the kitchens, I want to bring joy back into every part of our lives. And this book has over 80 amazing recipes. I'm talking about delicious recipes that will help you celebrate in every aspect. - And you got one of your favorites coming up, one of our favorites, chicken fingers. - Chicken fingers. Yes. - But you said they're made with something you consider to be a refrigerator staple. - Yes. OK, so this is the thing, right? You've got to have buttermilk, OK? So if you add this buttermilk to these chicken tenders, this is going to tenderize them. It's going to bring in so much flavor. And that's really going to be amazing when you make these because that's going to really start the activation process. - OK. - And then we're going to get into the seasonings because everything in this cookbook has flavor, Michael, OK? MICHAEL STRAHAN: (SINGING) Flavor. JOCELYN DELK ADAMS: We don't play around. OK, so dump some flour in there. And then I've got a secret ingredient. - What you got? - Cereal. - Cereal? - Cereal. Yes, you see that? - So once you got this-- - Yeah. - You got 'em at home. You just do that. JOCELYN DELK ADAMS: Get out all of your aggression this morning. Just pump it out, right? MICHAEL STRAHAN: Then it comes out like that. - Yeah, it comes out like that. Throw that in. I've got some spices, some pepper. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Yep. JOCELYN DELK ADAMS: I've got some seasoning salt. I've got some garlic powder and paprika. And if you just mix that all together-- oh, yeah. We want to make sure that we get all of that seasoning, that nice crunch that comes from that. And then it's a little sweet, too, so it's got a kick of that sweet with that spice. - Ooh, all over the place. - And it's so good. Get it all. This is the fun of, like, cooking on live TV, right? You got to get a little messy with it, OK? - Oh, when I cook, you got to clean up the kitchen, I'll tell ya. - All right. [LAUGHS] - No. - That's how it gets? OK, then we're going to dump this in. We want to get that coating, that nice coating, and then it turns out just like that. We want to let it rest. And then I-- can you fry some chicken, Michael? MICHAEL STRAHAN: I can fry some chicken now. Come on. JOCELYN DELK ADAMS: Come on. You can fry-- come on. You-- come on. And come on. Get that sizzle. Let's go. Let's go. MICHAEL STRAHAN: Got to let that thing go. JOCELYN DELK ADAMS: Get that sizzle. Get that flavor. And then once you get that golden brown-- come on. Buffalo sauce? - But you got a secret sauce. Yeah, the Buffalo's your secret sauce. JOCELYN DELK ADAMS: I got a secret sauce. MICHAEL STRAHAN: What's the secret? JOCELYN DELK ADAMS: OK. I've got some butter in there, OK? It's going to add some richness, so you're going to get that spice, that hit, that kick, but then it's going to really be delicious. So you just put a little sauce on there. But Michael, you try one of these chicken tenders. Get into it. Get into it. - I ain't gonna be mad at ya. - OK, get into it. - And while I'm trying this, though, I'm eyeing those cookies you got over there. - I know. You know what? I know you are a cookie man because the first segment we did, you literally ate all of my-- oh! Y'all better get this book, OK? This is flavor, all right? Everyday Grand. We want to celebrate every moment. - Well, this is chicken fingers, but you eating these with your hands. You might bite your own fingers. JOCELYN DELK ADAMS: [LAUGHS] - Those are good. - No, I add-- these are bomb, right? So now, I've got some cookies for you-- MICHAEL STRAHAN: OK. JOCELYN DELK ADAMS: --because I know you love your cookies. MICHAEL STRAHAN: I do. JOCELYN DELK ADAMS: And you love my cookies. But this is salted caramel, OK? So I'm adding a little bit of a surprise. I'm adding some caramel right to the center, put the cookie dough right around it, and then we bake it. Add a little flaky sea salt. OK, now taste one of these cookies. - I'm chewing. - And tell me this is not one of the absolute best chocolate chip cookies you have ever had in your life. - This is serious-- you put some serious pressure-- - I'm proclaiming it. - --on me, saying all that. - And I'm telling you right now, I stand by it. - Oh, that's good. Man, you came in here today ready, huh? - OK! 'Cause I know Everyday Grand is going to touch lives around this world. And I believe in it because we got to celebrate every day. And these recipes will help you do it. - Well, we're going to celebrate with a second helping when they go to commercial break. And I got to tell you guys, for Chef Jocelyn's full recipes, which you should do this, you use the QR code at the bottom of your screen. Everyday Grand is in bookstores everywhere right now. Jocelyn, thank you so much. - Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"The TV host and chef also shows us her salted caramel chocolate chip cookies and talks about her new cookbook, \"Everyday Grand.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"97933287","title":"Jocelyn Delk Adams makes cereal-crusted buffalo chicken tenders","url":"/GMA/Food/video/jocelyn-delk-adams-makes-cereal-crusted-buffalo-chicken-97933287"}