Good Housekeeping shares Best Snack Awards

These healthy and delicious snacks for kids were approved by nutrition experts and thousands of taste testers.
3:11 | 09/19/23

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Transcript for Good Housekeeping shares Best Snack Awards
- Now it is snack time. We've got new ideas for healthy, delicious, convenient snacks for your kids and for you, winners in Good Housekeeping's Best Snack Awards, approved by nutrition experts and thousands of taste-testers. Good Housekeeping Nutrition Director Stefani Sassos is here to tell us all about it. Stefani, thank you. - Good morning. - Let's start with breakfast. Go-to-- - So first up, we have Mush. This is a premade ready-to-eat overnight oats. So it takes all the prep work out. And what I love about these is they're made with really high quality ingredients. And they come in all these fun flavors. Peach is my favorite. The peanut butter chocolate, that did really well in taste tests. The strawberry. And this can be like a breakfast on the go. It can also be a snack that you can stash at work. Fantastic option. ROBIN ROBERTS: It is when you can just take it with you like that. I got-- these are so good. - Oh, my gosh. - I was surprised. - This is my favorite lunchbox snack. But you can also stash it in your snack drawer at work too. This is from Hippeas. They're the chickpea tortilla chips. And they come in this Rockin' Ranch seasoning. And they are fantastic. They're loaded with fiber and protein. And you would never know that chickpeas are the first ingredient in these. So they really can round out like a nice lunchbox or as a snack on the go. - OK. So after school, got the munchies. - So after school, this is from Creation Nation. It's their no-bake energy bite mix. And what I love about this is it's a semi-homemade solution. So you have the mix here. So you don't have to worry about all those measuring cups and spoons, right? And all you do is you add two simple ingredients. So a nut butter or a banana, and then you control the sweetener. So it's a sweet or not as sweet as you want it. And kids loved making these after school. It was so much fun. And, you know, it encouraged them to actually eat the snack because they were part of cooking it, right? This is no-bake. But it is a nice activity with them. - It's no-bake. - No-bake. - No-bake. OK. All right, it's sports time. So what do we got for snacks? - Sports time. So fruit is always a great sports snack because it's packed with water, right? So it's very hydrating. Now, you're going to see these all over the grocery store now that I told you about them. This is SunGold kiwis from Zespri. So it's not your average kiwi. These actually have a smooth edible skin. So you can bite into it like an apple. And they have this beautiful sweet, balanced flavor. So they're not sour. My toddler absolutely loves these. It's the only kiwi she'll eat. And, you know, of course, you can scoop it. You can slice it. They're super versatile. - But you can actually just-- - You could bite into it like an apple. There you go. And there's so much-- - Oh, my god. It's so juicy. - Isn't it so good? - Mmm! - It's like the best kept fruit-- - I never would have thought to do that. - Oh, yeah. These are going to be your new go-to. - OK, sweet, but you don't want the added sugar. But you still have that little sweetness. What do we have here? - So these are from Solely. These are their organic whole fruit gummies. It's just fruit and vitamin C. That is it. And what I love about them is we initially gave them to kids to taste-test. But we heard back from parents they were stashing it in their bags for snacking. So it's a great fun gummy. And this is also good with Halloween coming up. It's a little bit of a healthier alternative that still tastes great. - Stefani. - I'm so happy you love them. They're, like, my best kept secret. They're so good. - Mmm, they're so good. And you're so good. - Thank you. - Thank you so much. I can-- so I'm going to see this in the stores now? STEFANI SASSOS: You're going to see this in the stores, the new best kept secret. ROBIN ROBERTS: I got it.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"These healthy and delicious snacks for kids were approved by nutrition experts and thousands of taste testers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"103302995","title":"Good Housekeeping shares Best Snack Awards","url":"/GMA/Food/video/good-housekeeping-shares-best-snack-awards-103302995"}