Here's what to do if you buy too many potatoes for Thanksgiving

"Vegan, at Times" author Jessica Seinfeld shares creative tips on how to use all your veggies and other ingredients so they don't go to waste.
4:32 | 11/24/21

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Transcript for Here's what to do if you buy too many potatoes for Thanksgiving
--countdown to Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, everybody knows this, it's the big day. And we have got some holiday solutions from the one and only Jessica Seinfeld, who's new cookbook-- with a big round of applause-- Vegan At Times, just came out. Welcome back. We were just talking Thanksgiving. I know I am guilty of overbuying when we're trying to plan for a crowd and a dinner, so if you buy too many potatoes that's where we're going to start. It's a crisis. Emergency, 911. Help me out here. What am I doing? Yes. Well, you know, first of all, potatoes keep for a long time. So I think people tend to overbuy them anyway, but especially around Thanksgiving. What we can do is turn these into treasure if they're on your counter. We'll turn them into gold. They're Yukon gold potatoes. These are a Yukon-- I love Yukon gold. --for this recipe that you're going to do. Yeah, because they stay together, because we're pressing them. We call them roasted smashed potatoes. Why don't we do that. OK, walk me through it. How are we going to do this? Press them-- It's not your traditional mashed potato. Yeah, you don't want to kill them, crush them to death. And so we're using a spatula here, basically. Yeah, you could use your hand if you're at home. I figure on TV, [INAUDIBLE]-- I feel like I'm nervous that this one's going to flip, fly away-- That would be fun. --Julia Roberts. There you go. OK, so now take your oil and you want to get it in there, because once you get it in there-- So lots of olive oil is the trick here. Yeah, because then it's going to go into the oven and it's going to roast at 400 for about 25 minutes and get really golden brown. And you want to do this on a sheet pan? Sheet pan, yeah. And then you're going to flip them over and do the other side. Yup. And then we're going to move over here. Ooh, and this is the final product. Yeah, this is the final. This is what they look like. And since my book is called Vegan At Times, which is all about eating more plant-based meals, less meat, less dairy, we're going to put some iron on this plate in the form of spinach. Top them. OK, so we're going to plate them here. And then queso, which are-- What's in that? I know! Not real cheese, queso made with raw boiled cashews. You just throw them in the blender. You add chipotle, adobo, and you add salt, and pepper, and water, and it turns into this little whip. I mean, you make it sound so easy. It's amazing. Oh my gosh, it looks beautiful, too. And you keep this in your fridge. I mean this is a side-- Works on everything. --but could also be a full meal-- Yes. --right here. Definitely. I mean, I would make these for Thanksgiving. Except what I like about this is because you're over your cranberry, and your turkey, and all those flavors, by Saturday, I would make these with our leftover potatoes-- The extra. --and you just change the palate. OK, so has it been hard getting your husband, Jerry, and the family to go vegan at times? No. It's been easier than I thought, because the recipes in this book are all foods that you would want to eat. Like, I don't think anyone in my family would think this was vegan. You don't look at this and think vegan, gross. No, everything is really rich, and delicious, and satisfying, and it's really easy to make, and it's not made with foods that are complicated. And all the ingredients are available across the country. Well, you had me at queso, so chipotle queso. Yes. I hear something sizzling down here. Yup. What are we cooking up? You've got some fritters. This is like the sweet potato oven here. Yup. Sweet potato and cauliflower fritters. Obviously, we know by now that cauliflower is so good for us. So this is a cauliflower rice situation? Yep. Well, you just put it in the food processor and pulse it a bunch of times, depends on how you like it. These are fritters. So yeah. They are-- The audience is-- You want them to get a golden-- [INTERPOSING VOICES]-- --really hot for these. --participatory audience here. Yes. You want to get these a golden brown. Yes. Ooh, thank you for flipping. I'm going to flip for you. So we're putting all of our spices in. It's really warm. So what are you putting in? This is cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper. And the cumin you like in this because of the smoky flavor? Yeah. And it's just like a warmer, I think-- and I will make these for Hanukkah. And typical fritter has tons of eggs in it, we are not doing that, we're adding flour. And that helps us stick together, bind? That's right. And if you don't like, quickly, cilantro because a lot of folks don't? Parsley. Isn't that funny that 23andMe, they ask you if you like cilantro or not. I am a cilantro fan. Yes. Can't go wrong with cilantro in my book. My husband is not. No? Hates it. We never-- Oh, too bad. --have cilantro in our house. So parsley. Oh. Use parsley instead. OK. Yes, yes. Look at this guys. All the recipes, everything you want, look at this, Thanksgiving. This is really-- we're ready to go here. Yeah, so here we are. We can make one. OK. Guys you can eat, it's all coming up. Thank you so much for being here. We're going to pop one in. Thank you for having me. And we're going to move on. The cookbook, everybody, Jessica's cookbook, Vegan At Times is out right now.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"\"Vegan, at Times\" author Jessica Seinfeld shares creative tips on how to use all your veggies and other ingredients so they don't go to waste.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"81368240","title":"Here's what to do if you buy too many potatoes for Thanksgiving","url":"/GMA/Food/video/buy-potatoes-thanksgiving-81368240"}