These TikTok dads share their best ‘dadvice’

Bo Petterson and Mitch Couch share their dad advice, tips and tricks with their million-plus followers on the platform.
3:55 | 03/26/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for These TikTok dads share their best ‘dadvice’
shoutout to the dads out there. Next installment of our series, the influencers, this morning it's all about the dads on tiktok. They're getting billions, millions of views for their advice and wisdom. We're going to talk to two of tiktok's most popular dads in a moment. First take a look. Anything that's going to be turned to the right to tight and turned to the left to loosen. Let me show you an easy way to take care of that. Reporter: Dads just know it all. #Dads of oftiktok with 13 billion views. Mitch, he's known as goodly Earth on tiktok. A lot of you know me as the guy that fixes stuff around the house. Reporter: From a situation in your sink. Let's take care of this. Reporter: To your ac going The first sign that I know that the filter is all this dust right here. Reporter: And Bo. I have a dad joke for you. Reporter: To his 1.3 million followers known as dad advice from Bo. So today I'll show you how I Reporter: He'll show you how to tie your tie or even master the daddy pat. Starts on the bottom and goes up lightly to the top and the daddy pat puts babies to sleep faster than anything I know. Joining us now is Mitch couch. He has four kids and over 600,000 followers on tiktok and his motto is simple dad tricks and tricks that we can nail together and then Bo Petterson who tells his six kids and more than 1 million tiktok followers, everybody needs dad advice. Good morning to you guys. Good morning. Good morning. All right, Mitch, let's start with you. You're known for fixing things around the house. One of the most popular questions you get has to do with low faucet pressure so what's the quick fix? When you got low faucet pressure usually what you have is debris in your aerator. Let me show you how to fix it. Reach over and unscrew the aerator, you're going to turn the water on a little bit and clean it out from the back side. You might get debris in the sink, don't worry about that, screw it back on, you're going to get your pressure back. Love that. All right, so, Bo, your daughter convinced you to get on tiktok. One thing you're known for is your rapid-fire questions and answers so work with us here. We have a few for you. First, what do you do if you're sliding on ice when driving? Take your foot off of the gas and ease back into the slide with your steering wheel. Perfect. Two, top tips for new parents? Be patient. Sleep will come again soon, I promise and try using m&ms as an incentive when potty training your kids. I like that. Next one, how do I know if I need new tires? Quick demo for you. Take a standard quarter. Put it into one of the grooves of your tire and if you can see all of George Washington's head, you need new tires. And best advice to get through a tough day? There's a line from a Tom Hanks movie "Castaway" I like and in that he says, tomorrow the sun will come up and you never know what the tide will bring in. Meaning no matter how bad your day is today, tomorrow is a brand-new day and you just never know what could happen. Oh, that's good advice. I look forward to Saturday. All right, one more for you, Mitch. Something people dread, clogged quick fix? Clogged drains. Let's see. Anybody can do it. Release the nut on the back side, pull out your stopper. Clean it off. Get that sink unclogged, I know it's -- everybody hates that, and it's going to be good from there. Now I have another thing on my honey do list for the weekend. Thank you guys so much. Really appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Bo Petterson and Mitch Couch share their dad advice, tips and tricks with their million-plus followers on the platform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76699313","title":"These TikTok dads share their best ‘dadvice’ ","url":"/GMA/Family/video/tiktok-dads-share-best-dadvice-76699313"}