Last-minute costumes for Halloween

Good Housekeeping Style Director Lori Bergamotto shares great last minute Halloween costumes from the hottest movies and TV shows that you can make this weekend.
5:12 | 10/29/21

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Transcript for Last-minute costumes for Halloween
Welcome back to our "Gma" Halloween show. Two days till Halloween. If you haven't come up with a costume yet you're in luck because "Good housekeeping" style director Lori bergamotto has great last-minute Halloween costumes you can make yourself so bring her on. Please welcome Lori as Wanda and her son Leo as vision. There they are. Welcome to the show, I love it. Hi, guys. Hi. So good to see you. Happy Halloween. Happy Halloween. And riva saying hi too. Tell us why superheroes are a good costume for this year. Beloved by dogs as well. So superhero costumes are S great because you're able to get things like pajamas or go to a sporting goods store. You don't have to go to any party places or any Halloween stores, just go for something formfitting. These are tablecloths so there's so many things you can get easily accessible. Riva have a yellow thing going on? No, she's so excited about the party. Tell us how you put the costumes together. For my son Leo who is vision we went to a sporting goods store and got this to reimagine the vision face. These are pajamas and felt and a lot of people don't want to spend money on buying a whole new wardrobe so these are pajamas which he'll wear again, soccer shorts and for his sneakers he had white sneakers but not yellow we did a felt cutout and tied it around the back and for me, sporting a tennis skirt, Lara, you could pull this off. Little tennis skirt, got these at a discount store and tablecloths. A lot you'll wear again. Your boots are adorable. Maybe not the tablecloth. A movie that broke a lot of box office records this year and it's an easy costume. It's rob and his dog sunny and rob is bond. He looks so handsome. James bond. Here he comes. Rob has a tux in his closet. I can tell but how did you turn sunny into a martini. Thank you, Lori. I'm getting you for this. You are really torpedoing the whole segment. The way -- show them how it's supposed to work, rob. She's a martini glass. The cone is the martini glass. That will last. We put it on a wooden dowel and glued red felt for the pimento and there you go. Rob can have his martini like that. Shaken not stirred. Exactly. Thank you. You too, rob. Not too shabby. What about cruella. Always big. Especially right now. Exactly. This is one of the top googled costumes for this year. Yeah, let's look. We have cruella right here. I'm proud of this one. We have cruella, Samantha and her son Addison as our dalmatian. For cruella we got a lot of red tulle and going on the Emma stone version. It's really good. So good, red dress, a lot of red tulle you can get for 10 bucks at a craft store. Black blazer. It's spray painted pasta that we used and the epaulets made with cardboard. And then we have for the wig, we made it with black and white feather on a headband. Wow. I was going to ask where you got that. For the dalmatian we got white pajamas with black and white felt and dalmatian mask we picked up at a local toy store. You can get those really easily Wow, that's so impressive. Finally we have whit Johnson and his family as some of our favorite characters from "Ted lasso." Oh, my gosh. So I feel like -- You look amazing. He is the best Ted lasso this is another thing, mine your kids' closets. His daughter lea actually plays soccer so had some of the gear. We were able to use our computer, print out some transfer paper for the logos and then for his daughter summer we were imagining how Keely Jones would look. We went for big sparkle and oversized bomber. Roy Kent, watch your language. Roy kept, copper as Roy Kent with his black tie and black outer coat there. They are such a great "Ted lasso" family. We love this costume. You guys look fantastic. The happiest animal on Earth, goldfish because got a ten-second memory. Wow, he is all in. Whit is all in. That's no longer whit. That's Ted. Everyone, the November issue of "Good housekeeping" is on newsstands now. Lori, thank you so much. Great costume ideas and we will be right back.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Good Housekeeping Style Director Lori Bergamotto shares great last minute Halloween costumes from the hottest movies and TV shows that you can make this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"80852027","title":"Last-minute costumes for Halloween","url":"/GMA/Family/video/minute-costumes-halloween-80852027"}