Tiger Woods withdraws from PGA Championship

The golf star dropped out of the tournament after scoring the worst round in his career.
2:30 | 05/23/22

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tiger Woods withdraws from PGA Championship
- TJ's entertaining us in the break. We're back now with all the drama at the PGA Championship. Tiger Woods withdrawing after the third round. But 29-year-old Justin Thomas stunned fans with his thrilling fight to the finish for the win. TJ is here. And Justin had an incredible, record-tying comeback. And people, though, they still want to talk about Tiger as well. - You talk about record-breaking, the comeback here. He was down seven strokes to start the day. That is really like the Warriors being down 25 points going into the fourth quarter, game 7, and coming back and win. It really is that big of a deal. But yes, a lot of people are talking about the big comeback of Tiger Woods. He was back out there on the course. But he had to drop out-- couldn't finish the tournament. And this sums it up. He was asked at one point this weekend how he was feeling. He said it hurt to walk. Tiger Woods dropped out of the PGA Championship following a career-worst round of the tournament over the weekend, a 9 over 79. After a strong early start to the tournament, signs of fatigue and pain in his surgically-repaired right leg were apparent-- grimacing at times and even using his golf club as a makeshift cane, something we saw him do at last month's Masters. - He swam right in, face first, with reality. His body can only do so much. There are limits. And this is a man who's not used to limits. He's not just going to say, yeah, I'm done. He's going to think this through. TJ HOLMES: With Tiger's exit, much of the spotlight went to Justin Thomas. - It's Justin Thomas again at the PGA Championship. TJ HOLMES: The 29-year-old Thomas pulled off an incredible comeback win after a thrilling 3hole tie break. Thomas was given a 0.2% chance of winning at the start of the day-- coming from seven strokes down to capture his second PGA Championship. - I stayed so patient. And I was-- I just couldn't believe I found myself in a playoff. - And Robin, you talked about the record there. This was the third largest comeback in major history that Justin Thomas pulled off. But again, people are wondering what's going to happen with Tiger now. Well, look, guys, you have to remember. It was not even a year and a half ago he was in that car crash that threatened to take his leg. So just to see him back out there is a big deal. And he was in good spirits. He joked about it. He said, this hurts, this hurts, this hurts. But it only hurts when I play golf. So other than that-- other than that, I'm good. But the US Open is coming up next month. He is signed up officially to play in it in June. But we don't know if he'll be ready to go. ROBIN ROBERTS: We'll see. We'll see. - We will see. But knowing Tiger, we'll be watching out there.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"The golf star dropped out of the tournament after scoring the worst round in his career.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"84905496","title":"Tiger Woods withdraws from PGA Championship","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tiger-woods-withdraws-pga-championship-84905496"}