The real-life surgical nurse turned 'Grey's Anatomy' fan favorite

Bohkee An speaks about season 18's finale and having a "moment on Instagram."
2:15 | 05/21/22

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The real-life surgical nurse turned 'Grey's Anatomy' fan favorite
- Another inspiring woman in the Asian community-- she's the real life scrub nurse turned Gray's Anatomy fan favorite. Outlasting most of the cast members on the longest running medical drama in Prime time, meet Bokhee An. - The long history of being outsiders, how ironic. - We are Americans. Your face is American. REPORTER: She's the steadfast scrub nurse on everyone's favorite Thursday night show. Bokhee An appearing in more than 200 episodes of Gray's Anatomy silently assisting in Grey Sloan Memorial's complex surgeries. The real life surgical nurse owing her TV career to the show's medical advisor, Linda Klein, who recruited Bokhee to help make the hit drama look as accurate as possible. The friendship starting while working together at St John's in Los Angeles. - We've been friends since '76. I thank her. She gave me this opportunity with all these great people. REPORTER: Grey's fans now taking notice becoming a social star in her own right, earning the nickname Queen Bokhee. - Isolated the highland stapler. REPORTER: Beloved by her castmates too, Sandra Oh tweeting back in 2013, she's been with us since the beginning. She's like my second mom. She's the best. - She's a very nice person. It feel like it was like my own daughter. REPORTER: And paging Dr. Grey-- Ellen Pompeo telling Bustle, what's extraordinary about Bokhee is not only her commitment to 18 seasons of Gray's Anatomy and counting, but also her first profession that got her the gig on Grey's. - I respect her all the way. She always encouraged me and make me feel comfortable. - Surgical superhero. - No. - Wonder woman. - Yeah, perfect. - Thank you, both Bokhee. - You are. - You can't help but love Bokhee, right. The final season of Grey's-- the season finale, sorry, of Grey's Anatomy-- don't want to scare people-- airs this Thursday night at 8:00/7:00 central right here on ABC. Oh goodness, the Twitter backlash if I had gotten that wrong.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Bohkee An speaks about season 18's finale and having a \"moment on Instagram.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"84880071","title":"The real-life surgical nurse turned 'Grey's Anatomy' fan favorite","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/real-life-surgical-nurse-turned-greys-anatomy-fan-84880071"}