Noah Thompson talks winning 20th season of 'American Idol'

Thompson is joined by runner-up HunterGirl after winning the singing competition during Sunday night's finale.
6:46 | 05/23/22

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Noah Thompson talks winning 20th season of 'American Idol'
RYAN SEACREST: The winner of American Idol 2022 is Noah Thompson. [CHEERS] - Welcome back to GMA. What a finale last night on American Idol. Noah Thompson took home the top prize with HunterGirl as the runner-up. We're going to talk to them both live in just a minute. But first, let's take a look back at the season. (SINGING) I knew were waiting. I knew you were waiting for me. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): From ultimate Idol reunions-- - Drop the mic. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): To mentors who know a thing or two about taking home the title. - Now's the time to bring it. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): To memorable moments only the judges can bring. [SHOUTING AND LAUGHING] But like every season, - You're going to Hollywood. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): In the end, it's all about the talent. - (SINGING) Don't show your face 'round here anymore. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): And this year, from the nationwide auditions-- - And that is my favorite female country voice I've heard-- - Oh my gosh. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): --to powerhouse performances from the top 20 on the Hollywood stage. - (SINGING) I never really cared until I met you. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): The contestants brought it every week. - (SINGING) You know that I'm no good. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): But by finale night, it came down to three. - (SINGING) Everybody want to take her heart away. Couple billion in the whole wide world. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): Leah Marlene. - (SINGING) Falling again, falling. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): Noah Thompson. - (SINGING) If only you would come back to me, come back to me. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): And HunterGirl. (VOCALIZING) And after a live finale of star-studded performances and special duets-- - (SINGING) That the growing only happens on your own. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): Only one could take the title. RYAN SEACREST: Noah Thompson. MICHAEL STRAHAN (VOICEOVER): 20-year-old Noah Thompson from Kentucky, becoming your 20th American Idol. - (SINGING) Dream about, talk about, one more day tonight. [CHEERS] - So fun to see. Here we are, Noah Thompson and HunterGirl are joining us now. Welcome to GMA. Look at the smiles on your faces, congratulations. Congratulations to you both. And Noah, I want to start with you. Your catchphrase is that's tough. But it must not have been that tough to hear your name called as the new American Idol yesterday. What went through your mind when you heard your name? - I don't know, man. I was just kind of just shocked. Truthfully, I came to this competition not thinking I would even get a golden ticket. So to hear my name at the end, that was amazing. - You got a little bit more than the golden ticket now. So how are you going to celebrate? Are you going to tell your son that dad is an Idol? - I guess so. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to kind of just going home and seeing my family for a minute, and just kind of taking this all in. So yeah, yeah. - So Hunter, what's the balance of stress versus fun? [LAUGHTER] - Well, it's nerve-wracking right before I get up on stage. But whenever I kind of get in that zone, I'm just like, I just want to have a good time. So it's back and forth, it just depends. But yeah this has been a nerve-wracking experience, I got to say. But I've had a blast getting to be here. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: How about backstage? Are you starstruck by anyone? - Oh my gosh, all the time. Like whenever I got to meet-- whenever I met Carrie Underwood in Vegas, I was just like, my eyeballs, I was like, oh my God, it's her. And then the first time we met the judges and everything, I just, I walked in, I was like, oh my gosh, they're so pretty. [LAUGHTER] They look exactly like they do on TV. It's just wild. - I'm sure Luke really appreciated it. But you know what? Your friend Arthur, he's the one who entered you into the competition. What do you have to say to him now? - I'm gonna go home and give him a big ol' hug. Thank him for all this, because he's-- Arthur's the one that believed in me throughout this whole process when I couldn't believe in myself. You know, so I would just thank him for that. - Good friends. It's a good friend to have. HunterGirl, I know that you had so many experiences. You sang with Carrie Underwood. I mean, just so many opportunities to perform. What was the highlight for you? - Oh my gosh, it's just crazy. It's been a year of my life. And getting to have these experiences, like getting to sing with Carrie Underwood was something I never dreamed I get to do that. I've wanted to sing since I was a little girl. And I've looked up to her a lot. So getting to do that with her and then just getting to be in the finale, I never thought I'd get to be there. So I think this year has probably been the craziest and best year of my life. And I'm just happy that I got to experience. - You know, there are going to be some people are going to say the same about you how you were about Carrie. They're going to say, I got to sing her. Oh my God. - I can't imagine. - But there's no place like home. And you both-- your hometowns, oh my gosh, Noah, that huge crowd that came out for you in your hometown. And HunterGirl, the mural that they made for you. So what's the first thing y'all want to do when you get back home? - Just really just take it all in. And like I said, I want to see my family and just kind of let this settle in, you know what I mean? - What do you think it's going to be like, though, when you go back home? Because you-- - Yeah, it's going to be-- - It's a little bit different. - It's going to be wild. It's got to be it's going to be wild. I'm going to try to just stick to staying in the house for a little bit. - Good luck with that. - Yeah, try my best. - How about going home for you, Hunter? - You know, I'm just so excited to see my family and kind of like, yeah, get to process all this. It's been wild. And yeah, it's good to see everybody that supported me, too, like in my hometown, and get to love on them and thank them, because I wouldn't be talking to you guys this morning if it weren't for people that were believing in me and everything. So I'm just excited to get to see everybody again. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Well, you guys earned it. - Yes, you really did. - You know what they say, the next thing is when are you going to put out some music? - I know. Well, we actually have singles out right now. Mine's called "Redbird." and I played that one last night. - "One Day Tonight," that was the one I was singing on the show last night. That's the one I sang on the show. - We don't have to wait. - But there's more coming. - You all are lovely. OK, you're so pretty. - I love you. - But thank you. It has been a joy watching you and the journey.

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"Thompson is joined by runner-up HunterGirl after winning the singing competition during Sunday night's finale. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"84905450","title":"Noah Thompson talks winning 20th season of 'American Idol'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/noah-thompson-talks-winning-20th-season-american-idol-84905450"}