Erin Napier talks new book, ‘The Lantern House’

Erin Napier, who is known for HGTV’s hit show “Home Town,” is adding children’s book author to her resume.
3:05 | 05/23/22

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Transcript for Erin Napier talks new book, ‘The Lantern House’
- We are back with Erin Napier. She's the star of HGTV's number one hit show Hometown and now she's written her first children's book The Lantern House. Welcome to GMA. Good to see you this morning. - Thank you so much for having me. - So what inspired this book? - Well, I had children. And I think once you have children, you start thinking of children's literature in a whole new way, when you reread those books you loved now that you're an adult. And I wanted to give something to our girls that would explain why it is that we care about what we care about. Why does the preservation of old homes matter? And it has less to do with the beauty of a house and more to do with preserving these homes that have seen so much life lived inside. And I mean, what stories our houses could tell if they could speak. The families that came before us, and houses go on after us. I just wanted to tell that story in a way that our girls could understand it. - Now, you've written a memoir before with your husband. This one you did on your own. Very different experience? - Yes. It was a much faster experience. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Faster? - Yes, much faster. - So your husband slows you down? - Well, writing a memoir, there was heaviness. There was a lot of heavy content in the story of how our lives came together and what it came to be. But writing this story, it was like a story that just existed in my head and a 30-minute stream of consciousness I had written. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: 30 minutes? - Yeah, I mean, to write a children's book, you've got, like, 40 pages. And it just came so easily. It was a story I'd just been waiting to tell for a long time, I guess. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: And what do your girls think? - Helen is the only one who really understands. She's four. Hey, good morning, Helen. She's watching right now. But her favorite part is the spooky, scary part where there's spider webs in the old house. I don't know what that means, but that's her favorite part. And Mae, our one-year-old, likes to just touch it when I'm reading. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: That's good enough for now. - Yeah. - Is there a real life house that inspired The Lantern House? - Actually, I think that there is. Adam Trist is a dear old friend. He illustrated the book and we were going back and forth, like, what should The Lantern House be? What should it look like? What is the personality and era of this house? And he was traveling through Pennsylvania when we first started drafting ideas. And he sent me a picture and said, "Could this be The Lantern House?" So somewhere in Pennsylvania there is a random American Foursquare that looks just like The lantern House. And I don't know what town it was in, but yeah, a real life house inspired it, but we don't know who lives there or anything about it. - So what's next for you? - What's next? I'm working on an adult book for grownups that'll be about home that'll come out next year and working on a wallpaper collection with York Wallpaper. And Hometown, of course. We're still filming Hometown. And that is just an absolute honor. It is so much fun. GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: And you got a four-year-old and a one-year-old home, so you got your hands full. - I got a four-year-old and a one-year-old. That's mostly what's going on in my world, yep. - Thank you for coming in today, Erin Napier. - Thank you so much, George. - The Lantern House hits bookshelves everywhere tomorrow.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Erin Napier, who is known for HGTV’s hit show “Home Town,” is adding children’s book author to her resume.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"84905445","title":"Erin Napier talks new book, ‘The Lantern House’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/erin-napier-talks-book-lantern-house-84905445"}