Pink calls on her fans to vote, listen and call out racism: 'Now is the time for real, meaningful action'

PHOTO: Pink speaks at a awards ceremony, Nov. 10, 2019, in Santa Monica, Calif.PlayNBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, FILE
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As protesters continue marching against police brutality, Pink is not only vocally supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and spreading awareness using her social media accounts -- she has also donated to the NAACP.

In a powerful message to fans regarding her donation on Thursday, the "Raise Your Glass" singer posted, "It is time for change. It is past time for change. We must throw out the old way because it is broken."

"Division, racism, it never wins, it never works, it never has... other than to cause pain and anguish and terror and loss," Pink wrote.

"Shame, outrage and anger - that's what every American should be feeling right now," she continued.

Saying that everyone should be feeling "disgusted and embarrassed" about what happened to people like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the 40-year-old urged that people should also be "inspired to change or be a part of the solution."

Pink strongly encouraged fans to bring about meaningful change by using the power of the polls in the November elections, adding that she "cannot wait" to vote for "humanity and human decency and justice."

The "Just Like Fire" artist also said she will continue "listening and learning and having difficult conversations" in order to help bring meaningful change.

Pink admitted that, while donating to the NAACP and speaking out in support of Black Lives Matter "will not fix things overnight," it is "a start - and we must do everything we can to make our country a better place for all."

The three-time Grammy winner concluded with an adamant, "We are ALL Americans. We are ALL human beings. Let us ALL be part of the change."

Pink also included the #blacklivesmatter hashtag, as well as the hashtags #equality, #love and #justice.