National Retail Federation predicts 63 million will online shop for Cyber Monday

While inflation is still top of mind for many, U.S. Black Friday online sales hit a record $9 billion.
4:00 | 11/28/22

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Transcript for National Retail Federation predicts 63 million will online shop for Cyber Monday
- All right. Get your cash and cards ready. Fire up your device. It's Cyber Monday, and it's time to shop. The National Retail Federation predicts there could be more than 63 million potential shoppers today, so that's why we decided to bring in smart shopping expert at TrueTrae, Trae Bodge, for some help. Trae, good to see you. - Thanks so much for having me. - All right. Biggest deals out there. - Yeah. So first of all, I would suggest that shoppers focus on a few categories where I'm seeing the deepest discounts. So I would say, tech, small home appliances, fall fashion, and beauty. Some of the deals that I'm seeing that are really exciting are-- there's an Amazon Echo Dot for 62% off. Beats by Dr. Dre overear headphones at 57% off-- that's at Best Buy. KitchenAid-- you can save $200 on a stand mixer at Target. And then, for fashion deals-- up to 80% off at ASOS, up to 60% off at Nordstrom, and up to 50% off at Ulta. So these are big, big savings today. KYRA PHILLIPS: OK, I was taking copious notes. You've already named a few things I think my kids would be thrilled with. All right, some of your big takeaways from shoppers from Black Friday-- and how do you think it will translate today? - Right. So we did see some decent foot traffic on Black Friday in stores. Obviously, as the pandemic recedes, people are anxious to get back out there. But we did see, also, a lift in online shopping, which I was expecting. Obviously, we've become a lot more comfortable shopping online, so I was expecting to see that look pretty good on Black Friday. Today, I'm expecting a nice lift as well. Cyber Monday is typically the biggest online shopping day of the year, so I won't be surprised if we beat last year's numbers a little bit. But what I'm also seeing is that consumers are very promotional. They are looking for deals. They are looking for ways to save, obviously, with inflation at over 7%. So I would strongly suggest that people use a deal site., who I work with, is a great one for this, because they have 12 million shoppers actually voting up and vetting the deals. So if you go to the front page of Slickdeals, you'll see the top deals there. And then, click on their Black Friday page as well for more Cyber Monday intel. - Yeah, it's interesting. You know, you mentioned inflation. It's a major concern for so many people right now. But US Black Friday online sales-- they hit a record $9 billion, despite the high inflation. So clearly, a good deal right now overrides financial fears, in some ways. - I would think so. I mean, I do think that it's a pretty modest jump. All the predictions that I've seen for the holiday shopping season are fairly light. So Deloitte said, 4% to 6% over last year, where according to Deloitte, the year before was 15.1%. So we had our stimulus checks in hand last year. We were really excited to shop. This year, I think we're pulling back a little bit. Despite all the excitement that we're seeing in all the deals, I think-- as it all plays out, I don't think it's going to be necessarily gangbusters, but we will see a slight lift. - You konw, one question before you go-- I always wonder, is it better to go to a site that deals directly with what you're looking for, versus going to an Amazon that has a little bit of everything? Because I noticed there were some things I couldn't get on Amazon, where I had to go look specifically elsewhere. - Mm-hmm. So it really depends on the item. So Amazon is known for their good prices, but they don't always have the best price. So I always suggest, if you find an item on Amazon or elsewhere, I would Google the item. And then, you'll see where it's sold, for how much, and then you can make an educated decision. And then, if you can tie into a deal site at the same time to maybe get some cash back or use a promo code to save even more, you'll do really well on Cyber Monday. KYRA PHILLIPS: All right. Great advice. Trae Bodge, thank you so much. - Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"While inflation is still top of mind for many, U.S. Black Friday online sales hit a record $9 billion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"94103859","title":"National Retail Federation predicts 63 million will online shop for Cyber Monday","url":"/Business/video/national-retail-federation-predicts-63-million-online-shop-94103859"}